New Mexico Trucking Accident Involving Double Trailer Trucks: Why They Are More Dangerous

A large commercial vehicle such as a box truck, big rig, semi tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, and other large truck are very dangerous vehicles. This is because of their sheer size and weight. This means that these box trucks have more blind spots, larger blind spots, and also generate more momentum when they are moving. These large semi tractor trailers also require a great distance to stop in time to avoid rear ending other vehicles. This is particularly true on fast moving highways such as interstates like I-10, I-25, and I-40, which create a lot more speed and therefore a lot more momentum. The only thing more dangerous than a semi tractor trailer is a double tractor trailer or a tandem trailer. These are two large box truck segments tethered together with one truck head. They are very dangerous and can cause a significant New Mexico trucking accident.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or wrongfully killed in a New Mexico trucking accident involving a double tractor trailer or a tandem trailer, please call our Albuquerque double trailer truck accident attorney to learn what rights to compensation you may have. Here at Caruso Law Offices, we handle some of the most complicated and deadly trucking accidents. Our compassionate team will work with you and your family to protect your rights to compensation.

Reasons why Double Trailer Trucks are More Dangerous

A double trailer truck or tandem trailer is more dangerous than a semi tractor trailer due to the sheer size and weight it has. This is because the momentum is almost doubled on a tandem trailer. After all, this makes sense because a double trailer is two trailers full of cargo. This means that the distance requires to stop is greater, as well as the distance to safely maneuver the vehicle such as in turns.

There are many reasons why a double trailer truck is more dangerous than 18 wheelers, which include some of the following reasons:

  • Heavier weight means greater momentum which generates more force in the event of a motor vehicle accident;
  • Double trailers mean that the vehicle is more susceptible to wind which could cause a rollover or topple;
  • More blind spots which make it harder for truck drivers to see other vehicles on the roadway;
  • Greater stopping distance due to the increased weight;
  • Larger turn radius needed because of double trailer;
  • More space needed to successfully merge into highways and lanes; and
  • Other factors which could result in serious New Mexico trucking accidents.

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