New Mexico Trucking Wrecks Caused by Distracted Driving: Eating, Radio, GPS

Eating, Playing With the Radio, and Using a GPS While Driving a Large Commercial Truck Can Result in Deadly New Mexico Trucking Crashes

According to statistics, annually distracted driving kills approximately 3,500 people and injures almost 400,000.  When we think of distracted driving, we usually think of cell phones. And for good reason, because drivers using a cell phone to text or call while driving are 6 times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than drunk driving.  This is a very serious problem—and a rather scary one at that.

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Distracted Driving is More Than Just Cell Phones: New Mexico Trucking Crashes Cause by Distracted Driving is Deadly

Cell phone use while driving is dangerous.  But people do not realize that other distractions in a motor vehicle can also be dangerous.  Many of these distractions plague truck drivers, who are extremely likely to seriously injure or kill someone in any type of trucking accidents.  Some of these dangerous distractions include the following:

Eating – eating while driving is dangerous because it takes at least one hand off of the wheel.  It will also take you eyes off the wheel momentarily to grab the food.  Your attention will also be pulled off of the road, which further is dangerous and can be deadly.  Eating while driving is very distracting and very dangerous, and it is one of the more common types of distracted driving that kills people.  Truck drivers eat while they drive because they need to make deliveries as fast as they can, so they really don’t want to stop to eat because time is money.  New Mexico trucking crashes caused by eating while driving is deadly.

Hand radio – truck drivers frequently communication with hand radios.  These hand radios take at least one hand off the wheel and a driver’s attention from the road and to the conversation on the radio.  A driver’s attention may also be diverted by pulling away the driver’s eyes to change stations.  Hand radios are very dangerous while driving large commercial trucks.

GPS – sometimes truck drivers are traveling in a direction that they do not know where they are going.  It could be a new route or a new place for deliveries.  Therefore, a GPS system will be needed to help determine where they are going.  Some trucking companies even require truck drivers to use a GPS system to ensure they are using the most direct and efficient route.  But these devices take a driver’s attention, eyes, and hands off the wheel.

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