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The rise of rideshare companies like Lyft has changed how Albuquerque citizens and visitors navigate the city’s busy streets and highways. Although comfortable and convenient, rideshare vehicles now crowd the roadways, contributing to a three percent increase in traffic accidents.

The days and weeks following any accident are chaotic and confusing, especially for those who’ve suffered serious injuries, but navigating a compensation claim after a Lyft car accident is particularly challenging.

If you’ve had a rideshare accident, you need experienced legal guidance to address the complex rideshare insurance system. Call our Albuquerque Lyft accident attorney or our Albuquerque Uber accident lawyer at Caruso Law Offices today so we can begin a strategy for swift action on your claim for compensation. A free case evaluation is available.

Why Choose Our Albuquerque Lyft Accident Attorneys?

For a complicated Lyft accident claim, you need a New Mexico law firm that exclusively represent those injured in car accidents. Each Albuquerque car accident injury attorney at Caruso Law Offices offers free consultations, no fees until after we recover compensation, and other advantages including the following:

  • With over 20 years of navigating car accident claims for injury victims, we have an in-depth knowledge of New Mexico’s traffic laws, driver responsibility, insurance claims, and court systems. Every Albuquerque Lyft accident attorney  at Caruso Law Offices also has histories of working on the other side—for the insurance companies so they offer keen insights to help clients recover the maximum compensation.  Additionally, we have significant experience helping those who have been injured in collisions involving a Lyft vehicle.
  • Every lawyer at our law firm has centered their careers on helping injured car accident victims recover compensation for damages like medical expenses and income loss. We dedicate our entire practice solely to helping rideshare accident victims recover financial compensation and justice.
  • Caruso Law Offices has a track record of success securing millions of dollars for those injured in car accidents. We put a powerful voice and the best expert witnesses behind your claim.

Common Causes of Lyft Accidents

Lyft drivers and other rideshare contractors are at an increased risk of accidents due to the following common causes:

  • Rideshare driver distraction due to using a rideshare app and navigation system
  • Speeding to increase the number of completed rides per shift
  • Driver fatigue due to long shifts or driving for extra income after another job or college classes
  • Aggressive driving
  • Inexperienced driving (many rideshare drivers are college students)
  • Cruising the streets between passengers

Some rideshare accidents occur due to drunk driving or reckless driving. After a Lyft accident, use the app to report the accident and call 911. Then, take photos of the scene and add the contact information of the rideshare driver and any eyewitnesses to the accident to your phone to help quickly advance your injury claim for compensation.

What Does Lyft Accident Insurance Cover?

The Lyft company distances itself from liability by maintaining its status as an app rideshare company that doesn’t hire employees but uses independent contractors. However, Lyft requires its drivers to carry unique rideshare insurance with a tiered structure for coverage depending on the rideshare stage at the time of the accident. Liability insurance coverage for Lyft accidents is as follows:

  • When a Lyft driver uses their car privately, their personal auto insurance coverage is in place
  • Once the Lyft driver turns on the Lyft app and seeks a booking, their lowest-tier of coverage comes into effect with $25,000 property damage coverage, $50,000 per person for injury coverage, or $100,000 total compensation per accident
  • Once a Lyft driver has a booking, during the drive to pick up their passenger, and throughout the rideshare trip with the passenger, the top-tiered coverage is in effect with up to $1 million per accident

Insurance companies commonly dispute their coverage in Lyft accident claims, sometimes asserting that their coverage wasn’t in place when the accident happened. An attorney for personal injury victims will investigate the rideshare accident and document evidence to make a compelling claim against the appropriate car insurance policy.

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