What to Do After a New Mexico Trucking Accident


March 16, 2017

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Taking Certain Steps After a New Mexico Trucking Accident Can Help Your Case

No one plans to be in a motor vehicle accident, but they happen more often than we would like.  Sometimes these accidents are simple bumper tappers with no issues.  But other times these accidents are very serious collisions and resulting in serious personal injuries.  Unfortunately, these accidents can also cause the wrongful death of a victim.  There are some steps that everyone should take to protect their rights to compensation following a serious motor vehicle accident.

Over all motor vehicle accidents, interstate trucking accidents are most likely to cause serious personal injuries and the wrongful death of a victim.  These are daunting cases and require proper attention and legal representation.  Here at the Mark Caruso, our experienced New Mexico trucking accident attorneys have handled some of the most serious interstate trucking accidents in New Mexico, including wrongful death cases.  We have fought some of the largest trucking accident companies in the country, including FedEx, and we won’t back down until you and your family get the compensation you deserve.  Call us today for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help by dialing (505) 407-0458.

First Steps to Take After a New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accident

In any motor vehicle accident, the first step is to also get medical care and treatment.  Explain everything that hurts and what you believed happened to the healthcare providers.  Do not be a hero—if something hurts bad, tell the providers.  This is not the time to be macho, but to really get all of your injuries treated and recorded in your medical file.  This can help you prove your cases later.

Also cooperate with first responders such as police, ambulance, and fire staff responding.  Make sure to explain what happened as thorough as you can.  Get business cards and the names and contact number of each individual responding—not just the agency!  You will want to interview these individuals later and having names will help you.

Take note of your surroundings and environment, particularly the mile markers on the interstate highway shoulders.  Also look for weather it is cloudy, sunny, wet or dry out.  These also help to prove your case.  This includes getting the other party’s name and address, including the trucking company’s name and contact information.

Next Step to Protect Your Rights After a New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accident

It may sound cliche, but contact an attorney immediately.  Why?  Because all large commercial trucks have electronic computers inside them.  These computers monitor nearly everything about a truck.  This information ranges from the basic information such as air temperature or length the vehicle has been driving, to also more complex information such as speed, whether the truck was braking or accelerating, or how the wheel was being turned.

This information, however, is usually wiped after a trucking accident by the trucking company.  That is right—completely erased!  But this is not with malicious intent, usually at least, but just that the information gets downloaded by the trucking company and the insurance carrier.  This automatically deletes the information from the computer.  If the trucking company or insurance carrier do not properly download the information, it will be delated and there will be nothing for anyone to use because it was not downloaded properly.

If you have an experienced New Mexico trucking accident attorney, your attorney will immediately move for an injunction or restraining order to keep the other side from removing anything from the truck’s company without your legal representation (and expert) present.  This is essential to do right away, as trucking companies can remove the data within weeks—if not days—of the trucking accident.

Steps to Take After a New Mexico Trucking Accident on an Interstate

The conclusion should be to first get medical treatment, gather information, and then get immediately legal representation.  This will help ensure that your trucking accident case is well-protected.

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