Understanding Why New Mexico Car Accidents Causing Traumatic Brain Injuries are so Complicated


October 29, 2016

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused by New Mexico Car Accidents Can Result in Permanent and Debilitating Injuries Affecting an Entire Family—Get the Representation Your Deserve to Protect Your Rights

Our brain is an amazing miracle of nature.  It is incredibly complex that many facets of the brain are not even completely understood by scientists.  Our brain can perform amazing tasks such as complicated math, instinctually react to stimulus without our conscious thought, store amazing amounts of information, and carry on basic functions automatically while handling all of these computations.  Yet, our brain is rather fragile.  Even in low speed car accidents, our brain and sustain serious injury from the back and forth rocking inside of our heads.  This can heal, but other times this can cause permanent damage.  The more serious the collision, the more serious the damage and the less likely the damage will heal.

This is why victims of New Mexico car accidents need to have competent and experienced New Mexico car accident attorneys to represent them.  Here at the Mark Caruso, we work with many car accident victims who have sustained serious and debilitating traumatic brain injuries.  We have a proven track record of success in some of the most complicated of cases.  We also understand the medical side of your case, which is incredibly important to be able to prove and explain your injuries in front of a judge or jury.  This can help the judge or jury assess the damage done, the past pain and suffering, and the future pain and suffering.  Therefore, we provide a well-rounded representation to victims of New Mexico car accidents causing serious traumatic brain injuries.  Contact us today for a FREE case evaluation by dialing (505) 407-0458.

Basic Anatomy of the Brain

The brain is approximately three pounds and controls all functions of the body.  The brain also interprets information from the outside world and processes it through the use of our five senses.  The brain is protected by the skull, which is a very hard series of plates and pieces of bone, which completely encompass the brain.  At the base of the skull, the brain branches into the brainstem and extends into the spinal cord which continues down the spinal column.  From the spinal column, nerves branch out to our extremities.  These are the highways which will gather sensation and information and relay it back to the spinal column, up the spinal cord, through the brainstem, and back to our brain for processing.

The brain is comprised for three main parts.  The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and is composed of the right and left hemispheres.  This part of the brain performs higher functioning tasks, like interpreting sensations such as touch, vision, hearing, and speech.  The cerebrum is also responsible for reasoning, learning, fine motion movement and control, and even emotions.

The cerebellum is another part of the brain and performs a lot of tasks.  The cerebellum is located under the cerebrum and it is important because it governs balance and movement.  The last main structure of the brain is the brainstem.  This may be the most important part of the brain and it is protected by the other structures of the brain mentioned above.  This is because the brainstem controls all autonomous functions such as breathing, heart rate, temperature, digestion, and similar functions.  The brainstem is also the main hub of all the nerves in the body as it is just before the start of the spinal cord.

Type of Traumatic Brain Injuries from New Mexico Car Accidents

There are several different types of traumatic brain injuries which could occur from a car accident.  These vary in severity, and are more likely to be worse in tractor trailer trucking accidents.  Some common types of traumatic brain injuries include the following:

  • Concussions – even minor concussions can have long-lasting and permanent effects on the brain;
  • Contusion – this is like a bruise but on the brain, and large enough contusions needs to be surgically removed;
  • Coup-contrecoup injuries – this is when there are contusions on both sides of the brain (opposite sides) because the brain slide toward and hit one side then ricocheted backwards into the other side;
  • Penetration/traumatic injury – this type of injury is where the skull is pierced and something enters into the brain, such as debris, fragments, or objects;
  • Diffuse axonal injury – this is an injury due to violent shaking of the brain which can damage portions of the brain even though the brain is not impacted and can cause tearing of nerves and other structures inside the brain; and
  • Other types of brain injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are No Joke and Must be Handled by an Experienced New Mexico Car Accident Attorney

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