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At the Caruso Law Offices, PC in New Mexico, our Albuquerque truck accident attorneys provide a personal injury legal service for anybody who has been injured as a result of a truck accident. Our Albuquerque truck accident lawyers have 29 years of legal experience and have helped many clients receive substantial compensation for damages from truck accidents that were not their fault.

Semi-truck crashes are some of the worst to happen on our highways. The huge weight of some of these vehicles and the speed at which they travel when a collision takes place, usually inflicts significant damage on smaller vehicle involved. Truck speed and maintenance as well as truck driver behavior are regulated by both state and federal laws. These laws are not always adhered to because there is often pressure on the drivers to perform and companies may be trying to cut corners financially.

Had An Accident With A Truck in Albuquerque

If you have had an accident with a truck and you feel that the fault lay with the truck or the way it was driven, then you should contact our Albuquerque truck accident attorneys to discuss your case. Caruso Law Offices, PC provide a free consultation and you do not have to pay a cent in fees unless you win damages, so there is nothing to lose on your part.

What Can Cause a Semi Truck Accident in Albuquerque?

There is not always a clear cut reason why Albuquerque truck accidents occur because they tend to be the result of one or more factors interacting. It is part of our job to work out who is actually to blame for the accident so that a sound case can be made against any one or all of the third parties involved.

The following may lead to a truck accident:

  • The driver was simply not paying sufficient attention to his driving. This may have been because he was distracted, exhausted or even intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • The truck company was taking short cuts on truck maintenance. The most common parts that lead to a commercial truck accident are the tires, brake system, steering, lights and indicators
  • Fitting the truck with defective spare parts or the truck itself having a hidden defect. Either of these would point to possible liability on the part of a spare parts supplier or manufacturer

Truck accidents can lead to very serious consequences for anybody who is injured. The possibility of spending considerable time in hospital or worse still, needing lifetime care because of spine or brain injuries is not a very pleasant one. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence when vehicle occupants are hit by large trucks and sometimes even a relatively small truck, for that matter. Whatever the scale of the injuries involved, there is a huge financial cost for the victim and added suffering for his or her family. You should contact Albuquerque truck accident lawyers to claim your compensation.

Must Be Able To Prove Liability in Albuquerque Truck Accident

It is a legal right in the state of New Mexico for any accident victim to make a truck accident claim for damages from the person at fault as long as liability for the accident can be proven and there is a clear link between the accident and the victim’s injuries.

Damages are calculated on the basis of past, present and future costs to the victim. These are often divided into two separate calculations:

  • Economic damages – these include extra medical costs and the loss of income because of time away from work or even the loss of a job
  • Non-economic damages – these are based on the assumed pain and suffering caused by psychological and emotional trauma

It is vital that if you are injured in a tractor trailer wreck and receive medical treatment of any type that you get copies of everything, even psychological assessments. These medical records and bills will be extremely important when it comes to confronting insurance companies in the event of a Albuquerque truck accident claim being made.

In the period after the accident, it is likely that somebody from the truck company’s insurance company will contact you. Avoid all dealings with these companies and let our Albuquerque personal injury law firm handle them. Insurance companies are adept at paying as little as possible and will try everything to get their clients off the hook. Our Albuquerque truck accident lawyers have been dealing with insurance companies for years, so we know how they operate!

Contact Truck Accident Attorneys in Albuquerque, NM

If you or a loved one has been in an 18-wheeler crash and suffered from an injury, then contact our Albuquerque truck accident lawyers at Caruso Law Offices, PC in NM at 505-847-3206 for a free and confidential consultation.

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