Three Types of Experts for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims in New Mexico Car Accidents


November 17, 2016

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused by New Mexico Car Accidents Result in Serious Pain and Suffering and Expensive Damages, Which is Why Several Experts are Required to Prove Your Case

There are many different injuries which could be caused by a New Mexico car accident, and none are worse than a traumatic brain injury.  These types of injuries affect the very being of a person; their brain and mind.  This type of injury could change the way a person thinks, their life, their thoughts, their ability to process information, and even basic metabolic functions we take for granted.  These injuries are scary, cause significant pain and suffering, and can result in a long list of expenses.

This is why a traumatic brain injury requires a significant amount of evidence and support to prove the damages, the future expenses, and get the compensation a victim deserves.  An experienced New Mexico traumatic brain injury attorney will know the types of experts required and how to maximize a victim’s recovery.  Here at the Mark Caruso, P.C., we have a proven track record of representing traumatic Brain Injury victims and ensuring that they are get the compensation they deserve.  Call us today for a FREE case evaluation by dialing (505) 407-0458 to learn how we can protect your rights!

Three Experts Needed in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

In all lawsuits, experts are used to put in prove and establish facts.  This is because the parties are not necessarily competent to perform advanced calculations or provide medical testimony.  Neither are attorneys, even if the attorneys have significant experience doing so.  The law requires people with specialized skill, training, and education to put forth these calculations and establish this proof.

Thus, no matter how many brain injury cases that a lawyer has had, a medical doctor will also be better suited for providing this testimony.  Thus, this is why some experts are always needed to help prove your case.  For traumatic brain injuries, there is an important trio of experts.

Medical Experts Such as Neurologists 

After a car accident, a victim will likely go right to an emergency department for emergency treatment.  In the emergency room, the healthcare providers will perform diagnostic tests and treat the immediate medical concerns.  Frequently with serious head injuries the emergency room staff will make initial diagnoses.  Some of these diagnoses may include brain injuries like concussions or bleeding.  This can be used to prove your case.

But a traumatic brain injury is more than just a concussion or bleeding.  A traumatic brain injury requires a showing of permanent damage to the brain that has effected the way the brain processes information or completes its normal functions.  A concussion alone will not necessarily do that.

Enter a neurologist.  These are medical professionals who specialize in the central and peripheral nervous system which includes the brain.  These medical specialists can perform diagnostic tests—such as MRIs—and determine whether are is structure damage to the brain.  These medical experts can also perform tests which set a baseline to determine functioning differences in the brain and how the brain is now working.  Thus, a neurologist can take a diagnose of a concussion and determine how it has affected the brain.  This is by far the most important expert in a traumatic brain injury case.

Life Care Planners

With traumatic brain injuries, there likely will be the future need for continued treatment and medication.  This could be in the form of yearly MRIs or imaging studies to monitor the damage to the brain, or this could be regularly scheduled surgical procedures to relieve pressure from the skull.  There could also be medication treatment regimes that a victim has to follow, including even just basic painkillers.  In very severe cases, a home health aid or nurse may be necessary to take care of a victim of a traumatic brain injury.

A life care planner is an expert that is trained to know what the future treatment is and how expensive it will be in the future.  Most life care planners have some medical training, such as a medical degree, nursing degree, or other related degree.  These individuals will use the medical records and treatment notes or reports from the neurologists to determine what is needed in the future.  This is very important to establish what a victim’s future damages are.


An economist is another very important expert and probably the second most important.  An economist is a number cruncher and will calculate a broad range of figures.  Most common are lost wages or lost earning capacity for the traumatic brain injury victim, such as when the victim cannot return to work or cannot return to the same job and has to take a lesser paying job due to functioning limitations.  This is a very complicated calculation and requires inflation and pensions, social security, retirement plans, and other programs to be taken into consideration.

An economist will also the figures that the life care planner providers and calculate those against inflation as well.  This is important because it ensures a victim gets the full-value of the future care required.

Hiring a Trio of Experts Helps Ensure Your Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injuries in New Mexico Car Accidents

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