Pelvic Fractures Caused by Albuquerque Motor Vehicle Accidents


June 10, 2017

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Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Cause Serious Pelvic Fracture

One of the most serious types of fractures that a person can sustain is of the pelvis.  This is because the pelvis is very strong and sturdy, and it takes a lot of force to fracture the pelvis.  When the pelvis is fractured, it is often very dangerous because there are a lot of very vital structures running through that area, including major blood vessels, organs, and nerves.  Pelvic fractures may also cause extensive bleeding which must be quickly treated.

This is why a motor vehicle accident is one of the most common causes of a pelvic fracture, more than slip and falls or disease conditions.  The most common type of motor vehicle accident causing a pelvic fracture is a trucking accident, such as with a semi trailer, tandem truck,  big rig, 18-wheeler, tanker, and other large commercial truck.  This is because these types of trucks have a lot of weight and speed which means they have a lot of force and momentum.

Anatomy of the Pelvis

The pelvis is not made up of a lot of bones, but all of these bones are rather sturdy and rather important.  The sacrum is the triangular-shaped bone at the base of the spine which makes up the center of the pelvis.  The coccyx or tailbone is the very bottom of the sacrum.

Then there are the hip bones, which are the illium (the wings of the hips), ischium (ringed-shape bone at the bottom of the pelvis), and the pubis (narrow segment of bone between the ilium and ischium in the center of the pelvis near the base of the coccyx).  The three hip bones form a “cup,” known as the acetabulum socket, which is where the femur or leg bone connect.

Types of Pelvis Fractures Caused by Albuquerque Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are two general types of fractures of the pelvis.  These are a stable fracture and an unstable fracture.  A stable fracture is where there is just one break, the fractured ends line up, and the bones are not really shifting or moving.

An unstable fracture is whether there are two or more breaks, the fractured ends of the bones do not line up, and the bones may shift or move.  An unstable fracture is very common in high-speed collisions, particularly interstate collisions on Interstate 10, Interstate 25, and Interstate 40.  These types of collisions are frequently caused by trucking collisions.

Types of Stable Fractures

There are three main types of stable pelvic fractures which could be caused by a motor vehicle accident.  The first is where the iliac wing (the hip bone) is fractured.  This is the large bone that flares out to the sides of the spine at the hip.  The second is a sacrum fracture, which is the base of the spine.  The third is a pubic rim fracture, which is the ring-shaped bone at the bottom of the hip that breaks.

Types of Unstable Fractures

There are also three main types of unstable pelvic fractures which could be caused by a motor vehicle accident, but are most likely in a trucking crash.  The first is an anterior-posterior compression fracture which is where the iliac wing (shaped hip bone) and where the pubis bones on the left and right side meet in the middle.

The second type is a lateral compression fracture.  This type of fracture is very common in serious motor vehicle accident because the pelvis is struck and crushed inward.  The iliac wing, pubic, and ischium usually all break and curl towards the center of the body.  Think of a side-impact collision like a t-bone which hits an occupant and pushes all the bones inwards.

The third type is a vertical shear fracture.  This is another common type of fracture caused by a car accident.  This is where one half of the pelvis is pushed upwards and the base of the iliac wing, pubis, and ischium all fracture at or near the midpoint.   These types of fractures are also common in serious motor vehicle crashes where the metal of the car is very serious jolted and mangled, popping the occupant up in his or her seat even though there is a seatbelt on.

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