Paralyzed Victims of Albuquerque Car Wrecks Are Entitled to Future Care and Suffering


June 19, 2017

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Albuquerque, New Mexico Car Accidents Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries Resulting in the Permanent Paralysis: Victims May Be Entitled to Compensation for Future Care and Pain and Suffering as a Result

One of everyone’s worst fears is a serious car wreck, especially one with a large commercial truck.  These crashes can be catastrophic and devastating, causing serious injuries and killing victims.  To those lucky enough to survive, victims may be left with rather debilitating conditions affecting them for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, a common debilitating and permanent injury is paralysis of a portion or large majority of a victim’s body.

Victims of Albuquerque car wrecks who are no paraplegic, quadriplegic, or otherwise paralyzed as a result of a serious motor vehicle accident should call the Mark Caruso immediately to learn what rights to compensation they may have.  These victims are entitled to not just their past pain and suffering and medical bills, but also compensation for their future care and future pain and suffering which many personal injury attorneys may forget or not be skilled enough to obtain.  Our experienced Albuquerque car accidents attorneys know how to prove these claims and obtain the maximum amount a victim may be entitled to.  Call us today for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help you or your loved one by dialing (505) 308-1556.

Understanding Paralysis: Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Defined

Serious motor vehicle crashes can result in life-long injuries including paraplegia and quadriplegia.  It is important that those who have suffered serious injuries know the full-extent of these medical conditions.  Some people may have one of these conditions and not know it, but may be entitled to very significant compensation for these injuries.

Paraplegia is defined as an impairment, injury, or damage to the motor or sensory function or the lower extremities usually caused by a spinal cord injury.  The spinal cord is what sends messages from the brain to the extremities to tell control them to move or receive sensation such as pain, pressure, moisture, or heat.  Paraplegia is the injury to both lower extremities.  People with paraplegia may still be able to walk, but are likely dependent and canes, wheelchairs, walkers, or other devices to assist with walking.

Quadriplegia is defined as paralysis that results in the partial or total loss of use of a person’s limbs and torso.  This loss is usually sensory and motor, which generally means a person cannot move or sense.  Thus, quadriplegia is the paralysis of all four limbs.  This is caused from a high spinal cord injury, such as in the neck or cervical spine.  Some feeling or movement may be in some locations of the body, but overall a complete lack of ability to sense or move is present.

Types of New Mexico Car Crashes Resulting in Paralysis

It is important to know that any type of motor vehicle accident can result in paralysis of any part of a person’s body.  This means any speed, any vehicle, any angle, and to any person.  Motor vehicles are large and dangerous objects moving at high speeds.  The human body, while resilient, is simply not made to withstand impacts with large metal objects.

There are certain types of motor vehicle accidents which are more likely to cause paralyzing injuries, including with large commercial trucks such as semis, tandem trailers, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and other massive vehicles.  Some common types of crashes resulting in paralysis with an explanation include the following:

– Trucking accidents – these are large vehicles with a lot of force to disperse in a collision, resulting in a lot of potential for injury;

– Motorcycle crashes – motorcycle riders are not protected with seatbelts, airbags, or even in a steel shell to protect them, and they are more likely to sustain serious injury to their spine in collisions;

– Interstate collisions – I-40, I-25, I-10, and the other major highways doing through New Mexico are very dangerous because high-speed collisions cause more force, which result in more serious impacts and injuries;

– T-bone crashes – Any side-impact or t-bone crash is devastating because the driver hit on the side only has a small amount of metal and protection from the large engine block of the other vehicle acting as a battering ram;

– Rear end collisions – Impacts from the rear place significant stress on the spine, particularly the cervical or neck, which can result in damage to the spinal cord and paralysis;

– Roll over accidents – when a vehicle rolls over, the passengers are thrown about inside at a high-speed in different directions which can cause serious injury to the spine;

– Ejectment accidents – if a vehicle is hit with such force that a passenger is ejected from the vehicle, it can obviously cause serious and significant injuries to an unprotected person;

– Pedestrian knockdowns – when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the pedestrian is likely to suffer horrible head, neck, and back injuries for the sole reason that he or she is not protected by any safety devices; and

– Many other serious causes.

Any Paralysis Injury Caused by an Albuquerque Car Accident Should be Evaluated by the Mark Caruso

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