New Mexico Truck Drivers Need to Use the Smith System of Defensive Driving to Avoid Dust Storm Accidents


September 15, 2016

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Following the Smith System of Driving a Truck in a Dust Storm Prevents New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Large commercial trucks such as tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, flatbeds, tankers, and other trucks are much more dangerous on roadways than other vehicles.  This is because they are larger, heavier, and more difficult to operate.  This is particularly true on interstates and high ways, where large commercial trucks travel at a high rate of speed and have reduced reaction time but increased stopping distance; this is a recipe for serious injuries.  Combine this with an ongoing dust storm, and there could be very serious New Mexico trucking accidents.

This is why truck drivers must use the Smith System of Safe Driving.  This is system of proven effective methods which make the roads a safer place.  When truck drivers fail to do so, particularly in dust storms, they can cause very serious New Mexico trucking accidents.  This failure occurred in a case handled by the Mark Caruso, which resulted in the deaths of seven passengers in a horrific pileup fatal fire.  Our experienced attorneys are representing the estate of one of those deceased passengers, and presenting the case in a jury trial.  If you or a loved one was injured in a similar accident, or any accident caused by a truck driver, call our office today by dialing (505) 407-0458 for a FREE consultation!

Understanding the Smith System of Safe Driving

The Smith System of Safe Driving is a bible for all truck drivers—really for all motorists.  But it is particularly important for truck drivers to use this system, especially in inclement weather such as dust storms.  There are five principles preached by the Smith System of Safe Driving, which include the following:

  1. Aim High in Steering – This means that drivers must pay attention to not what is just immediately in front of them, but must further down the road.  Drivers must view the road in its entirety, looking for hazards well in front so the driver can begin to react now, not just when the hazard is right in front.
  2. Stay Alert of Your Surroundings and Look for the Big Picture – Building on the first principle, a driver needs to have the whole picture of the roadway.  What is ahead, to the sides, and behind the driver is very important to understand.  A driver needs to be able to visualize everything around him or her to ensure he or she can avoid any and all accidents.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Constantly Moving and Don’t Stare or Zone out – Constantly moving your eyes prevents your body from entering into a relaxed state or trance.  It will force you to stay alert and keep your attention on the road and hazards around the roadway.
  4. Leave Yourself an Out – Leaving yourself an out means not boxing yourself into a dangerous situation.  It means to also have a safe or empty location on the roadway where you can go to avoid a collision or hazard.
  5. Make Sure Other Motorist See You at All Times – Making sure other drivers can see you is very important.  It will help other drivers manage their blind spots and be aware of you before they make any maneuvers like a lane change or turn.  If you are unsure that another driver can see you, act like they cannot see you and take every precaution to guard against a movement or maneuver which may put you in danger.

Thus, in a dust storm, if a truck driver complies with the Smith System of Safe Driving he or she can avoid any accident.  These principles would require a truck driver to slow down and leave an out.  To stop if he or she cannot see ahead of him or her.  To use emergency flashers or a horn if he or she is not sure that other drivers can see the truck.  These are important principles that would have saved the life of our client in the fatal New Mexico trucking accident presently at trial.

Smith System of Safe Driving Can Save Lives in Dust Storms

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