New Mexico Permian Basin Truck Accident Lawyers 

The Permian Basin is a valuable pipeline that boosts New Mexico’s economy and is responsible for employing many workers. However, there is a downside: the area is known for its deadly accidents involving oil and gas trucks. Unfortunately, the number of these crashes is expected to increase in line with additional drilling activity in the area.

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Dangers of Oilfield Trucks

Historical traffic data shows that traffic deaths have increased along Route 285 as oil production in the Permian Basin expanded. In contrast, traffic collisions in the area decrease when oil prices and the demand for oil are lower.

There are many dangers posed by the presence of oilfield trucks. Dangers of the New Mexico Permian Basin include:

  • More traffic – Various trucks are involved in the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels. More trucks are necessary to lay new pipelines, haul oil, and transport materials. This increased truck traffic makes the road more dangerous for other motorists traveling in the area.
  • Truck driver shortage – Nationally, there is a significant shortage of qualified truck drivers. This means there are even more pressures on truck drivers, who may work while fatigued or beyond their limits. This shortage is even more pronounced in the oilfield industry, which involves specialized vehicles that require special endorsements. Trucking companies may hire unqualified drivers who pose a danger to others.
  • Driver fatigue – The trucking and oil and gas industries are exhausting, often requiring workers to work more than 14 hours a day. Drivers may be tired, making them more likely to cause serious crashes.
  • Poorly maintained vehicles – Oilfield work can damage trucking equipment. Due to the demands of the work, companies may continue to use vehicles with damage that are not actually safe to drive. Faulty brake lines, tire blowouts, and damaged components contribute to many accidents each year.
  • Poor road conditions – Permian Basin roads were not constructed initially with ideas of such heavy traffic on them. The constant barrage of trucks and loads has caused sinkholes, potholes, and other road hazards.

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Common Injuries in Oilfield Truck Accidents

Permian Basin truck accidents tend to result in serious and life-altering injuries, including:

  • Burns – Truck accident victims may suffer painful burns when tanker trucks are involved. These injuries can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Truck accidents can result in spinal cord injuries, leading to paralysis, a need for lifetime medical care, and a permanently altered existence.
  • Traumatic brain injuries – Because of the significant force of a truck accident, victims often suffer from severe brain injuries. These injuries can result in brain bleeds and permanent cognitive damage.
  • Broken and dislocated bones – Truck accidents involve powerful forces. The impact can cause broken rib, collar, leg, ankle, hip, or arm bones. Some broken bones require surgery to repair, followed by months of rehabilitation.
  • Amputations – In some accidents, body parts can be amputated, leaving the victim with a lifelong disability.
  • Internal organ damage – Truck accident victims can be crushed inside the car, leading to damage to their liver, kidneys, spleen, or other internal organs. These injuries can be deadly if they are not immediately diagnosed and treated.

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