He will take care of you! Mr. Mark is good lawyer,he will work for you and get you what you deserve. If you are injured in an automobile accident, call Mr Marks. He will take care of you!

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Before Mark Caruso began helping people like you, he represented insurance companies. He knows how insurance companies operate. Now he only represents victims of car wrecks in Albuquerque. We promise to use that car accident experience to get you the most money possible. To do so we must cross every “t” and dot every “I” in order to anticipate and out-smart the tactics and strategies of the insurance company claims adjuster. Remember, their job is to pay you the least money possible, and they will use these tactics and strategies against you unless we are confront them up front. The Caruso Law Firm in Albuquerque has the experience to get you the compensation you are entitled in your personal injury and car accident case. When we meet we will explain to you that we are only paid if we recover an injury settlement for you. If we don’t get you any money, then we don’t deserve any fees. We don’t charge any auto accident attorney fee to get you the highest settlement for you property damage and rental car/loss of use and depreciation/diminution in value of your vehicle.
Please call me today at (505) 883-5000 at our Northeast Heights Office or at (505) 369-1361 at our Westside Office to immediately meet with me to discuss your automobile wreck injuries. You’ll get honest answer based on my 30 years doing personal injury claims. I look forward to our personal and confidential meeting. Please call me today so that you do not have a gap in your medical treatment.

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