Head Injuries from a NM Trucking Accident: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers

Understanding Head Injuries from a NM Trucking Accident: Explained by Our Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers

Victims with head injuries from a NM trucking accident could suffer permanent, disabling, and catastrophic personal injuries. This is because large commercial vehicles like semi tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, box trucks, and other big rigs can cause powerful and devastating accidents. Our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers know how damaging these types of trucking accidents could be and why they could result in such devastating injuries to an innocent person which can impact his or her entire family.

This is because victims with head injuries from a NM trucking accident could have significant physical, emotional, and financial injuries. 18 wheeler wrecks cause considerable and serious injuries to a person even at low speed. When those injuries are head injuries, there could be a significant pain and suffering award to a victim. These physical injuries usually mean higher medical bills and prolonged treatment, surgeries, or physical and occupational therapy. Head injuries also usually mean lost wages and lost future earnings if unable to return to the same type of work. This could mean significant limitations for a family who depends on the income of the victim in a NM trucking accident.

Types of Head Injuries from a NM Trucking Accident

Our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers know that head injuries could mean a lot of different things. This is because head injuries could occur for a number of different ways due to a NM trucking accident. In fact, head injuries could result in catastrophic personal injury if the head injury damages the brain. Whereas some types of head injuries could be more of an inconvenience like scarring.

Some of the most common types of head injuries after a NM trucking accident include the following main injuries:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

A traumatic brain injury or TBI could result in catastrophic personal injuries that have lifelong implications. This is because TBIs are injuries which result in a disfunction of the brain and how it functions. This means that victims with a TBI may suffer cognitive and emotional impairments due to damage to the brain. The damage to the brain can be significant that a person cannot live independently without assistance. Some of the most common types of TBIs include the following:

  • Diffuse axonal brain injuries – when brain tissue literally tears or shreds due to a trucking accident;
  • Concussion – the shock from an impact can cause the damage;
  • Coup-contrecoup – damage to two sides of the brain because of the way that the brain shifts back and forth in the impact;
  • Penetrating injuries that pierce the skull and damage the brain directly; and
  • Many other types of TBIs.

Cranial Nerve Injuries

Your brain has 12 cranial nerves which perform a variety of functions. While most nerves in your body are well-protected under thick muscle or shielded along the bone, your cranial nerves are much more exposed. This is because of the shear fact that your face does not have a lot of muscle or tissue on it. Thus, cranial nerves are generally more exposed and susceptible to serious injury in a NM trucking accident occurring in Albuquerque or anywhere else in New Mexico. When you cranial nerves are damaged, it could result in serious and catastrophic disability to your face including physical abnormalities, loss of sensation, extreme pain, loss of taste or smell, movement loss, and other important functions.

Orbital Blowout Fractures

Your eye sit in orbital sockets. This is the round circle that you see on skeletons. That orbital is very strong and is meant to protect the eye from impacts along the the sides of the head. The orbit also provides a platform for the eye and the eye muscles to sit. While this bone is very strong, it is not impenetrable. With the powerful forces of a NM trucking accident, the orbital bone can fracture and even blowout. This means that the bottom floor which serves as a platform could completely collapse and shatter. This can cause a person’s eye and the eye muscles to descend into the head. The fractured bone can easily damage the eye and the eye muscles. Some vision loss is very likely, as is other facial abnormalities. Orbital blowout fractures are one of the more seriously painful and disabling types of head injuries from a NM trucking accident.

Victims With Head Injuries in a NM Trucking Accident Should Ask Our Albuquerque Trucking Lawyers for Help

If you or a loved one have been involved in any NM trucking accident, especially with an 18 wheeler or semi tractor trailer, please ask our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers how we can help protect your rights to compensation. This is particularly true if you have been serious injured with head injuries including a TBI, cranial nerve injury, or orbital blowout fracture. Any head injury may be compensable under New Mexico law, even head injuries not listed here or head injuries you do not think are significant. We handle catastrophic injuries caused by trucking accidents, semi tractor trailer crashes, and other big rig wrecks anywhere throughout New Mexico. It does not matter if you are from New Mexico or if you are another truck driver, anyone who suffers severe personal injuries from a NM 18 wheeler wreck could be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

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