Family of Four Killed in Fiery Albuquerque Trucking Accident on US 550

Tragic Accident on US 550 Involving Albuquerque, New Mexico Work Truck Explained by Counsel

In a split second, an entire family was killed in a New Mexico trucking accident.  On May 12, 2017, a family of four was in an SUV on US 550, a fast-moving highway in New Mexico.  In a work truck coming in the other direction, four men were leaving a job in Albuquerque, New Mexico after doing a landscaping job.  The work truck drifted into the oncoming lane, striking head-on the family of four in the SUV.  It resulted in a large, fiery explosion.  All four in the SUV were killed—a retired firefighter, stay-at-home-mom, and two children aged 4 and 2 and a half years old. The driver of the work truck also died, and the three other in his vehicle were seriously injured.

According to the survivors in the work truck, they admitted to drinking prior to the collision.  While the deceased driver’s toxicology report has not been completed yet, the survivors claim they did drink prior to the collision.  The deceased driver had previously been charged with DWI, but the charges were twice dismissed.  It appears likely that alcohol contributed to this accident.

An All Too Common Fact Pattern: Pieces of a Deadly Puzzle Explained

Unfortunately, alcohol is a common cause of New Mexico motor vehicle accidents.  This has been a major problem throughout the United States for years, and it is one of the most preventable types of motor vehicle accidents.

Interstates and highways like I-40, I-25, I-10, and US 550 are all very fast moving roads.  This means that drivers have less time to react and their vehicle require more distance to stop.  This is a dangerous combination, especially with large commercial trucks like big rigs, 18 wheelers, tankers, tandem trailers, flatbeds, tractor trailers, and other large trucks.

Fires and explosions is a dangerous element in highway collisions.  In very serious motor vehicle accidents, especially on the highway, a gas tank may be ruptured and result in a large explosion and fire.  Out in remote parts of the highways or interstates, this can be catastrophic as it may take first responders a significant amount of time to get to the accident scene to rescue victims and put out the fire.

Large commercial trucks are also deadly, even when operated in a reasonably safe manner.  IN this case, there was a piece of equipment on a bed behind the work truck.  This makes the vehicle heavier and harder to maneuver and stop.  This also gives the work truck much more momentum and force behind it, making a head on collisions particularly deadly.

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