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Burn Injuries from New Mexico Trucking Accidents

- Mark Caruso

New Mexico Trucking Crashes Can Cause Serious Burn Injuries

While all motor vehicle accidents can obviously cause serious trauma, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and ruptured organs, sometimes it is not the impact trauma which is the cause of injury or death.  That is, besides the initial impact in the motor vehicle accident, there can be secondary events which cause serious personal injuries.  One of the most devastating type of secondary event is an explosion of fire.  While less common with smaller motor vehicles, large commercial trucks such as big rigs, 18-wheelers, tandem trailers, and other trucks—especially tankers—can result in very significant fires.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a New Mexico trucking accidents causing serious, permanent, and debilitating scarring, call our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident attorneys at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. by dialing (505) 883-5000 to learn how we can protect your rights to compensation.  We know how difficult it can be for a victim to recover after a serious motor vehicle accident, and we will help take the burdens off your shoulders to focus on your recovery.

Burn Injuries in Trucking Crashes on Interstates

The most common place for an explosion or fire to occur following an Albuquerque trucking accident is on an interstate like I-40, I-25, and I-10.  These high-speed interstates carve through New Mexico and support the entire country through its trucking routes.  In fact, some of the largest trucking companies such as Estes, Schneider, US Parcel, Swift, and McLane.  The reason is the force of the impact at a high speed is more likely to rupture a gas tank or cause sparks and a fire.  These types of accidents are dangerous for this reason.  Further, patients trapped in vehicles could also burn alive without a way to escape which his also a very serious situation.

When a fire occurs in an interstate trucking accident crash, it can cause very serious personal injuries.  These injuries include the following:

  • Severe scarring;
  • Brain damage;
  • Lung damage;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Loss of eyesight;
  • Loss of hearing;
  • Loss of sense of smell;
  • Muscle damage;
  • Amputations;
  • Loss of fingers or toes;
  • Permanent loss of hair;
  • Need for skin grafting;
  • Organ damage;
  • Massive infection;
  • Reoccurring infection;
  • Nerve pain disorders;
  • Psychological injuries such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress;
  • Wrongful death; and
  • Many other injuries.

Injured in an Albuquerque Trucking Crash and Burned from an Explosion or Fire, Call our Experienced Attorneys at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C.

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Valuing Burn Injuries in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

- Mark Caruso

What Compensation is a Burn Victim Entitled to in a New Mexico Trucking Accident?

Burn injuries are some of the most horrific and painful injuries that any individual can sustain.  Many times burn injuries will cause scarring, and can result in serious and permanent tissue, nerve, muscle, or tendon and ligament damage.  Burn injuries can also cause a very agonizing wrongful death, particularly in trucking accident cases.

The Caruso Law Offices, P.C. is currently in trial for a burn injury case resulting in such the death of Joseph Guttuso.  This accident occurred approximately two years ago as a result of a New Mexico trucking accident on Interstate 10.  Three passenger vehicles were traveling through an ongoing dust storm and appropriately slowed down given the ongoing weather conditions.  However, three truck drivers continued to plow through the ongoing dust storm blindly.  This resulted in a large pileup collision and an explosion, trapping Mr. Guttuso and six others.  These seven victims burned to death, while the truck drivers walked away without serious injury.

If you or a loved on has sustained burn injuries or been killed due to a fire or explosion, contact the experienced New Mexico burn injury attorneys at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. to represent you.  We offer a FREE case consultation and will explain to you what rights to compensation you and your family may have.  Call us today by dialing (505) 883-5000.

Types of Burn Injuries in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

New Mexico trucking accidents can result in many different types of injuries, most being very significant and catastrophic.  Burn injuries can be a very common type of trucking accident injury.  There are three classifications of burns.  These include the following:

First Degree Burns – This is the least serious burn injury, but it can still be very painful.  This affects the outer layer of skin.  This is usually characterized by swelling, redness of the skin, and pain.  Most of the time a first degree burn alone will not require immediately medical attention, but it may be necessary if the redness and swelling does not go away in a few days, the pain worsens, or an infection starts.

Second Degree Burns – This type of burn injury occurs when the second layer of skin is burned, not just the first lawyer.  A second degree burn is usually identified by blistering, and is a deep, red color.  These types of burns are very painful and will remain painful for days.  There will be swelling.  The skin may even crack a little at the blister, causing an oozing or bleeding.  While all second degree burns should be treated by a medical professional, small second degree burns (less than three inches long) could be treated at home without issue.

Third Degree Burns – This is the most serious type of burn and always requires immediately medical attention, no matter how small.  This occurs when all layers of the skin are burned, and the damage affects the underlying tissue.  These types of burns appear black or charred-looking, and may result in bleeding.  They are incredibly painful and will remain painful for a long time.

Value of a Burn Injury Case Caused by a New Mexico Trucking Accident

Like all injuries, burn injuries cause pain and suffering.  It is this pain and suffering that you can get compensated for, in addition to damages for surgery, scarring, lost wages, lost earning, and past or future medical expenses.  The more severe the burn, the more pain and suffering, and thus the more compensation you may be entitled to.  New Mexico trucking accidents can result in very serious burn injuries, particularly when there are explosions.

The value of a victim’s case will depend on the severity of the burn (first degree versus third degree), and the extent that the burn covers the body.  The worse the burn and the more coverage, the more pain and suffering and thus the more compensation.

Burn injuries can also result in a lot of surgeries, like grafting.  These surgeries are incredibly painful and may have to be repeated multiple times.  Burn injuries can also easily result in infections, which are extremely painful and life threatening.  The more complications and the more surgeries caused by the accident, the more a burn injury case is worth.

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