Can OnStar Be Used To Help Prove My New Mexico Car Accident Case?


November 12, 2016

 by Caruso Law Offices, P.C. | 

Experienced New Mexico Car Accident Attorneys Can Prove Cases Using Technology Like OnStar: This Can Lower Your Comparative Fault and Maximum Your Compensation!

Some car accidents are fairly straight forward, such as the defendant running a stop sign or failing to yield.  Other times there are witnesses who will testify that the defendant was speeding or driving recklessly prior to the car accident.  But other times it may not always be clear who caused the car accident and there may not be witnesses.  The defendant may even claim that you are the cause of the car accident and lie about what happened.  Not only is this frustrating and unethical, but if you are really hurt it can literally add insult to injury.  It may even feel that you cannot win because of the other defendant’s lies.

But an experienced New Mexico car accident attorney like those at the Mark Caruso know how to use technology to help support your claim.  Trucks have computers on board known as ECUs which work like a data flight recorder on a plane.  While a computer like this is not standard in other vehicles, more and more cars on the roads have OnStar or manufacturer-specific computers which hold a lot of the same data.  Using this data can help prove that defendant is lying and you were harmed by the defendant’s negligence.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a New Mexico car accident and the defendant is lying about what happened or you are unsure how to prove your case, make sure to call us today for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 407-0458.  We know how to use technology to prove your case and get you the maximum compensation you may be entitled to.

Understanding Why OnStar and Vehicle Computers are So Important

When someone is lying about causing a car accident, it can be incredibly frustrating.  You want to find a way to prove them wrong and make them look like the liar they are.  Computers are the best way to do that.  While large commercial trucks all have electronic computers keeping track of the vehicle’s vital information, such as information during a trucking accident, most cars do not have these computers.

However, vehicles with OnStar and other manufacturer monitoring programs DO keep this information. These computers send that data to the monitoring company during a “triggering event” like a car accident.  This data sent depends on the company, but many times this includes speed, movement direction, point of impact, force of impact, and other relevant data.  This can be used to stop a defendant who is lying about the cause of the accident.  For example, if the defendant claims your headlights were not on at night, many monitoring data keeps track whether light were on at the time of impact.  You can disprove the defendant’s claims and attack his or her credibility.

Why Using Technology is Important 

By using OnStar and other monitoring data to help disprove the defendant’s lies, you are not only helping to support your case and attack the defendant’s credibility, but you are also limiting your comparative fault.  In any negligence action, there can be multiple actors who could be negligent.  This includes the victim.  The percentage of fault by the victim will reduce the award of damages.

Therefore, if the jury verdict is $100,000 and the victim is found to be 30% at fault of the accident—or comparatively at fault—the victim will only take home $70,000.  Thus, it is important to use whatever evidence you may have to help prove your claim.  This includes using data such as the OnStar or monitoring computer information in vehicles.

OnStar and Monitoring Data Can be Used to Prove your New Mexico Car Accident Claim

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