2013 Poll: Worst Insurance Companies To Handle Your New Mexico Car Accident Claim


April 19, 2013

 by Caruso Law Offices, P.C. | 

If you have a New Mexico personal injury claim against Fred Loya Insurance, Nevada General Insurance, Allstate Insurance or Geico Insurance, you may have a tough time dealing with the claims adjuster according to a recent 2013 informal poll of New Mexico attorneys.

These insurance companies and their claims adjusters rank the highest among all insurance companies in New Mexico in complaints to attorneys about the handling of car accident claims involving property damage and personal injury.

According to Albuquerque personal injury attorney Mark Caruso the poor attitudes of insurance claims adjusters employed by these four companies cause clients to contact Caruso Law Offices and other New Mexico personal injury law firms for help. Clients are frustrated when the claims adjuster won’t pay for all the repairs to their car or give them a rental car. What irritates clients the most is when a claims adjuster challenges the client’s complaint of pain or injury or tells the client to just take a Tylenol and get some rest.

One reason why these four insurance companies may be so difficult to deal with is because the personal injury claims adjusters for these four insurance companies are based outside of New Mexico.

Fred Loya, which according to Mark Caruso is the worst of the bunch, is based in Texas and only recently began selling automobile insurance in New Mexico.

Their claims adjusters are Texans, and they just don’t have enough years of experience evaluating the dollar value of cases in New Mexico. Most personal injury attorneys will agree that cases are evaluated differently in Texas than in New Mexico.

There have been many instances where Mark Caruso has had to “educate” these out of state claims adjusters about New Mexico law and the valuation of injuries in New Mexico. As a former insurance company attorney, Caruso has insight as to how these adjusters should evaluate cases and the process that they use in reaching a settlement value.

Under our state’s law New Mexicans are entitled to have their vehicle repaired to pre-accident status or be paid the market value of the vehicle if it is totaled. They are entitled to payment for the loss of use of their vehicle during its unavailability. New Mexicans are also entitled to money from the insurance company for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and permanent injuries resulting from the collision.

Caruso advises people with property damage and personal injury claims against Fred Loya Insurance, Nevada General Insurance, Allstate Insurance and Geico Insurance to immediately contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

Claims adjusters have no special duty to you to point you in the right direction. Instead, their job is to settle claims as cheaply as possible so that they may be rewarded in bonuses and a pat on the back by their claims supervisor.

A personal injury attorney will point you in the right direction, even if all you do is have a free consultation. A personal injury attorney’s loyalty is to you–no one else. Mark Caruso will give you a free consultation to discuss your claims against these four insurance companies. He will also give you some additional insight that can’t be published in this public blog. Call Mark Caruso at (505) 308-1556 for a telephone or in office appointment. We have 2 offices in Albuquerque to serve you–the Northeast Heights (Montgomery and Carlisle) or the Westside (I-40 at Coors). We handle cases statewide and make home visits, hospital visits and after hours appointments.

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